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2020-21 Tryouts

Tryout Information 2020-21 Season

Not all will be asked for call backs on Aug 8 or 9th


Common Questions:



  • Two First Round Tryouts on August 2, 4 and 6th (for each grad year)
  • Players are required to attend at least 1 tryout to qualify for callbacks
  • Callbacks are scheduled for Aug 8th and 9th 
  • Callbacks are mandatory for players selected to attend from first two rounds 

We understand this is an unusual summer and conflicts may exist. We will evaluate conflicts on a case by case basis.


The purpose of the multiple dates is for our staff to get to see your son as best we can. 


  • All sessions will be an hour and 15 minutes long
  • Player check in opens 30 minutes prior to the start of each grad year assigned time slot. At the tryout, all players will be issued a tryout reversible with a number on the back. Players will then be put through a series of drills and scrimmages where they will be evaluated by our staff.

When registering your son for our tryouts please register him to tryout for his respective team based on his High School graduation year. 

Players who are selected to join a tournament team will be notified via email and official rosters will be posted soon thereafter. 

Important Links

Tryout Link Below

The tryout link will take you to our new registration portal LEAGUEAPPS - you will need to create a NEW account on this portal in order to register. 

Tryout Dates and Locations

8/2/2020 11:00am-12:15 2030/2031 Greens Farms Academy
8/2/2020 11:00am-12:15 2029/2028 Greens Farms Academy
8/2/2020 12:30-1:45pm 2027/2026 Greens Farms Academy
8/2/2020 12:30-1:45pm 2025/2024 Greens Farms Academy
8/2/2020 1:45-3:00pm 2023/2022 Greens Farms Academy
8/4/2020 6:00-7:15pm 2023/2022 Greens Farms Academy
8/6/2020 5:00-6:15pm 2030/2031 Greens Farms Academy
8/6/2020 5:00-6:15pm 2029/2028 Greens Farms Academy
8/6/2020 6:15-7:30pm 2027/2026 Greens Farms Academy
8/6/2020 6:15-7:30pm 2025/2024 Greens Farms Academy
Callbacks ONLY Below Callbacks ONLY Below Callbacks ONLY Below Callbacks ONLY Below
8/8/2020 11:00am-12:15pm 2030/31 Greens Farms Academy
8/8/2020 11:00am-12:15pm 2029 Greens Farms Academy
8/8/2020 12:15-1:30pm 2028 Greens Farms Academy
8/8/2020 12:15-1:30pm 2027 Greens Farms Academy
8/8/2020 1:45-3:00pm 2026 Greens Farms Academy
8/8/2020 1:45-3:00pm 2025 Greens Farms Academy
8/9/2020 11:00am-12:15pm 2024 Greens Farms Academy
8/9/2020 11:00am-12:15pm 2023 Greens Farms Academy
8/9/2020 12:15-1:30pm 2022 Greens Farms Academy

COVID Updates


Good Afternoon CT Wo​lves Families-


Happy Friday!


We are just 10 days away from our first week of lacrosse!



Reminder that we will be starting our first practice for most teams on Monday June 29th and others starting on June 30. 


We plan to begin our summer season with 3 practices the first 2 weeks starting June 29th. Each team will practice for 75 minutes the first 2 weeks week and then 90 minutes starting the week of July 13th. 


PLEASE NOTE: When “Team Practices” begin, the team will be practicing on a single field at the same time, we will be taking the following safety measures:

  • Teams will be broken down into smaller groups and the field will be divided accordingly
  • Players will stay within their groups for the entire session and, if necessary, coaches will rotate between sections/groups
  • Given that the boys have not played competitive lacrosse in a while, the first two weeks of practices will focus primarily on skills, development, lacrosse IQ and conditioning.
  • We will ease our way into contact drills during the 2nd week as long as Phase 3 will be upheld for youth sports and contact.


Safety Protocols: (We will be sending out details next week)

Each player should be dropped off in the GFA parking lot and head directly to their respective field already dressed and ready to practice. We are trying to limit having any bags, or equipment left on any field of play during our practices. PLEASE NO BAGS.  Each practice time slot will have a period of time in between groups for us to sanitize any necessary items before the next group comes in.


Practice formats:

Week 1 June 29th:  Kids should only bring helmet/stick and gloves as we will put them into smaller groups and spread them out on each field.


Week 2 and beyond: More traditional team practices with full pads as we ramp up our practice plans and introduce more concepts.



SCHEDULE: (Updated June 19,2020)


Team Practice Schedule (We are primarily done, but a few teams may have an added play day)

Click below for the full practice schedule
**Please note this practice schedule is subject to change as per weather and facility availability

Tournaments/Play Days.  In addition to tournaments We have locked in numerous play days (round robins) with clubs from the tri-state and New England areas.  



**Reminder to cancel any hotels you may have booked for any other tourney that we have canceled.

Team ZOOM Calls Week of June 22:

Each team will have a short zoom call with their respective coaches about planning and expectations for their first 2 weeks of practices. We will send out more notices prior to your team’s ZOOM Call..


Again, we are taking all necessary safety guidelines to keep our players, coaches and families safe.

 **COVID-19 Waiver (Action Required): All parents must sign a waiver for his/her son to participate for any practice, event or game: 

Please sign waiver here: 

**Please note that this new registration system is NOT Sports Engine and all of you MUST sign in as a new user and sign waiver in order to participate in first practice.


TRYOUTS: 2020/2021 season tryout dates have been announced and can be seen here:

Look for one more update next week before we start our practices week of June 29.

If you have any questions please let us know



May 11, 2020


Good Afternoon CT Wolves Families


I hope all the MOMS had a fantastic Mothers Day!


As we continue to monitor our summer season, most, if not all of our summer tournaments continue to "push back" tourney dates so it's clear we anticipate that our usual summer season of June/July has shifted to July/August.


As of now, we still plan on only attending tournaments within a 2 hour(ish) drive from our respective homes and have back up plans in place to play local club teams in the event tournaments are canceled.


In the event that large gatherings are not allowed, we already have plans and dates confirmed with other local club teams to play games. We are still formulated plans for each Wolves team and have 10-14 other club teams on board with smaller events.


We now anticipate starting practice on July 6th and ending our season on or about August 9th.  


Team Tournament Update Page:

**Please note that we are still working on adding tourneys to some team's schedule just waiting on date changes from tourney directors-


Team Practice Schedule Page:

**Please note this practice schedule is subject to change as per dates and locations-


We are taking all necessary safety guidelines to keep our players, coaches and families safe. Please see attached Safety Guidelines Update:


If you have any questions please let us know










April 22nd, 2020


Good Afternoon CT Wolves Families-


We hope you are all doing well. We wanted to provide a quick update on summer tournaments and hotels.


We continue to monitor our summer situation on a daily basis, and we're doing our best to plan ahead. Our number one priority is the safety and well being of our players, families and coaching staff.


As of now, none of our tournaments have been cancelled. Some tournaments have not made any changes to their dates, some have changed dates and some are still evaluating the situation. With that said, we have come to the conclusion that it is in our best interest to try to play tournaments that are relatively local without burdening families with traveling too far.


Each tournament on our new schedule is within about a 2 hour drive from all of our respective surrounding towns.


To check the status of all our teams and what actions to need to take place please go to:

Please let us know if you have any questions and we can't wait to get back out on the fields soon!!




April 8, 2020

First off we hope all of you are safe, healthy and staying sane during these most difficult of times. Thanks to all of you that ordered gear so far (remember store closes tomorrow)  to help support all of our local hospitals. We will have a live CT Wolves Store next week with all sorts of other gear to order for this spring and summer.


I wanted to give you all an update as it pertains to our summer 2020 lacrosse season. We are all working on a number of options, back up plans, to make sure our summer 2020 is a great experience all around!


In the recent days there seems to be some real optimism about summer lacrosse but we wont know for sure for a bit and there will be some changes that I wanted to give you all a heads up on. Everything remains to be in tact (at the moment) but there will be (and have already happened) some date changes and likely no overnights for us this summer.


At this point there has been ZERO cancellations..





  1. June/July Summer lax is looking more like late June, July/Early Aug lacrosse at this point
    1. Most of our June tournaments have already moved to at least late June or July/August.
  2. There is a real probability that all of our summer tourneys will be either day only or a drive reasonable enough to drive there and back in same day if a 2 day event. We are trying to pick spots and events that requires a drive no longer than 2 hours or so from your respective homes. 
  3. 2023-2021 teams will likely not go to Maryland (Inside Lacrosse) and will likely play at Bryant, Westminster, and Legacy tourneys (Devens, MA) with one added tournament if not Maryland.
  4. 2024-2029 teams will likely play either Long Island, Westminster School (Simsbury CT), Westchester (SUNY Purchase), Bryant (Smithfield RI), Loomis Chaffee School CT,  Yale New Haven, or Legacy (Devens MA).
  5. New Dates for these tournaments will be communicated in the coming days and weeks but tournaments likely not to start until at least late June or July 2020.


  1. 2024-2029 teams will play in a league or "round robin" type games consisting of the Tri State and NE area's top programs (10-14 programs) with a playoff style format.
  2. Our 2023-2021 HS teams will play some of these programs with similar style games and will be TBD based on a number of factors. These include potentially live streamed games for college coaches, round robin and "play days" among the Tri-State and NE area's top programs, and dates that fit locations to play games.
  3. We are being safe and realistic about where and when we would be playing these games so rest assured we are all in the best interest in the safety and well being of our players, families and coaches.

Regarding Hotels and what to d (will be updated daily)


  1. We will be communicating next week as to which tournaments have been affected so far and which hotels to cancel or change so don't cancel anything yet until next week.
  2. I did not mention Lake George tourney as a possible destination so what do we do?
    1. Lake George is not likely but if things drastically improve within the next few weeks Lake George still has a small change of us attending so don't cancel yet-

We encourage all of your sons to keep sticks in their hands, stay or get in shape, and be smart about where they are practicing in preparation for a great summer for CT Wolves!


More details to come soon!